Our Current Release Wines

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Sauvignon Blanc Dominant Series

2009 Simon Lang Limestone Coast Sauvignon Blanc 001

Shiraz Dominant Series

2008 Simon Lang Barossa Shiraz 001

Our Series Numbers & The Wine Experience

Wine has such an interesting and complex nature, its infinitely subtle variations in aroma, flavour, taste and sensation giving us so much pleasure and enticing us back for more.

A wine's distinctiveness is a function of the interplay of many factors including its unique composition, its evolution over time and the way it is stored.

For this reason, all our wines bear a Dominant Varietal Series Number on the label of each bottle as your assurance that each separate vintage, blend and bottling is individually identified and recognizable.

We hope you enjoy them.

Remember too, wine evolves in the bottle once opened and in the glass once poured, so enjoy the experience as a wine unfolds.

And for all wines, try experimenting a little with both time and temperature, as various wine components; tannins, alcohol, sugars, acids, aroma and flavour compounds and the tactile sensations they engender, become more or less apparent depending on the wine's temperature or the time passed.